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● Hourly estimated all-in wholesale power prices.
● For any of twenty cities/substations: New York City (West 49th substation), Los Angeles (Hinson), Houston (Heights),
San Francisco (Mercer Island), Chicago (Sawyer), Portland, Maine (Sewall substation), Richmond (Northeast), Louisville
(Kansas), Oklahoma City (Classen), Detroit (Cortland), Dallas (Polk Street), Salt Lake City (Cottonwood), Phoenix
(Harbor), Boston (Newton substation), Las Vegas (Robindale), Seattle (Lake Youngs), Boise (Star-IP), Lincoln (57th &
Garland), Jackson, Michigan (Luckney), Green Bay (Maplewood).
● Year-over-year comparisons for any comparable time periods.
● Based on data from Clarity Grid Solutions.
● Updated monthly. Lag is less than a day.